Our unique slippers are the original design of the MZR Studio. They resemble slip-on socks but are made in a tight gauge. They conveniently fold up, taking a small space in a purse or handbag. Carry them with you at all times and wear them in any situation: airplane, yoga class, doctor’s office, friend’s home … or when lounging at home. They also make a nice one-of-a-kind gift.

Each pair is unique in design,  color and pattern.  They are made of the highest quality materials and are machine washable. Cotton slippers are made of 100% mercerized cotton, while the wool slippers are made of superwash merino wool or a combination of superwash wool and silk. We have a few pairs available, including children sizes. Because of their uniqueness, sizes are only approximate. Please contact us if you are interested in making a purchase.