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Migration 2015 Series






Migration 2015 Series

In the year 2015 I witnessed a refugee crisis in Europe. The number of migrants passed one million, with more than 800,000 traveling from Turkey to Greece. Half were migrants from Syria.

I was very moved by the sights of refugees on the streets of Europe. The time we live in now will be remembered as a century of mass migrations. As the population of the earth grows, more and more people are reaching for safety: away from violence,  conflict, economic oppression, disruption of climate and war. Often people are uprooted forcefully from their homes, families, communities and countries. And I ask a question, where is their inner sanctuary?

This series of tapestries records my personal reflections on inner life of a migrating person. I use tapestry to symbolically express time, journeys, memories, and  overall fragmented life of a refugee.