Minna Rothman Tapestry


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Migration 2015 Series






Overgrowing human population and its activities are causing significant depletion of natural resources and disruption of natural climate variability. Economic inequalities among the countries are magnified leading to wars and conflicts, and resulting in economic destruction of entire societies.  As a result, we are witnessing mass migrations of the population which is seeking safe life away from economic oppression. 

Today’s migrations differ from the migrations ever present in the history of human kind. They are complicated by the complexity of contemporary societies with significant impacts on personality of a migrating person.

 I ask the question: where is a place for a single human in this big picture? Is there a place for the feelings of people forcefully uprooted from their communities? What are the consequences of their feelings being oppressed? Is the inhumane treatment a mechanism by which a destruction happens? Or what happens if it ignites a compassionate fire of humanity that can enrich a society?

I address these questions in my tapestries in the Migration 2015 Series. I reflect on the feelings of migrating refugees: adults and children. What does it mean living as an integral part of the community and replacing it with fragmented life of cultural isolation in the new societies? Where are the memories and sorrows: hidden from a daylight? And what about the children? Who do they become …?

 I use symbolism of geometric shapes and colors to express my reflection on these issues: variety of fragments floating loosely , circular shapes of individual isolation, triangular form of conflicting interaction, broken lines and tear drops as time and memories form a person …