Artist Statement

Nana3Creation of a tapestry, for me, always brings excitement and exploration. I do not come from a tradition of weavers (although my grandmother was an accomplished kilim weaver) nor do I have a formal education in art. Still, upon my retirement I submerged myself full time into tapestry weaving.

In designing a tapestry, I use skills obtained through my formal education in science and liberal arts. Most of my life I spent designing climate models. The atmosphere is studied by a keen observation of the environment and described by the laws of physics. The enormous amount of data obtained this way can be understood only visually. It is the visualization of scientific data that trained my eye over decades, while I was acquiring skills through  studies of art.

I follow the same steps when designing a tapestry. I observe the environment keenly and draw a picture trying to understand the underlying relationships of the composition and content that left an impression on me. This is often a long study of space, color, light and perception until the final “aha” moment. With weaving, the image becomes alive. Interaction of fiber and light lifts up the vivacity of color that often surpasses other painting media. Making a tapestry in itself is a source of great joy.

Minna Rothman [Marina Živković-Rothman], was born in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia. She has been residing in the United States since 1979 and lives with her husband and their two cats in Brookline, Massachusetts. She is a grandmother of three.