Minna Rothman is a tapestry artist, making fine art tapestries based on her original designs. Minna views handwoven tapestry as an art form that often blurs the lines between painting and sculpture. This multimedia fascination fuels her relationship to weaving, and imbues her tapestries with tactile compositions.

Handwoven tapestry became a full-time passion of Minna Rothman after her retirement from complex climate modeling. While she used graphic and computer design in presenting her scientific research, she also studied drawing and painting at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Once in retirement, she took workshops with a number of tapestry artists and weavers.

Minna Rothman started exhibiting tapestries in juried group shows in 2014.


2019 Impact: Climate Change, Belmont, MA

2019 Tapestry … The New Wave, Edgecomb, ME

2019 New England Thread, Brookline, MA

2019 Unravel, Arlington, MA

2018/2019 Context: Language, Media and Meaning, Brockton, MA

2018/2019 I’m New Here: Perspectives on Migration, Arlington, MA

2018 Tapestry in New England and Beyond , Falmouth, MA

2018 Circles and Cycles, Cambridge, MA

2018 The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World, Reno, NV

2018 A Common Thread, 2018 Cambridge, MA

2017 Home, Belmont, MA

2017 Heallreaf 2 London, England

2017 West Dean College, England

2017 Loominations, South Berwick, ME

2017 Hope Springs Eternal, Cambridge, MA

2016/2017 Fiber in the Present Tense 2016, Pawtucket, RI

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2016 Watertown, MA

2016 Tapestry Unlimited, Milwaukee, WI

2016 The Light, Cambridge, MA

2015 Weaving Up & Down: 13 Tapestry Weavers, Deerfield, MA

2015 Process Art Show, Cambridge, MA

2014 Small Format Tapestries, Providence, RI