Migration 2015

In 2015, over a million refugees/migrants from the Middle East reached for the safety of the West. Tapestries in this series are inspired by their journeys and the fragmentation of their lives. I explore three weaving elements here: geometrical fragments (symbolizing fragmentation of the refugee’s life), floating/broken lines (symbolizing time/space – refugee’s memories) and white knots (symbolizing the purity of human soul).

Tapestries are woven from the bottom up. Similarly, in this series, the tapestry’s vertical dimension could be considered as a space/time dimension of the narrative. To see a full size image click/tap on the image.






Transformation, 7.5″ x 11″, wool, cotton, 2015. (wood frame) – private collection
Under the pressures of war, a once prosperous life becomes only a memory …






A Dream, 8″ x 10″, wool, cotton, 2015. (wood frame)
… of a journey to unknown lands is born …







The Wall, 24″ x 31″, wool, silk, linen, 2015. (cotton lining, velcro)
Crossing country borders becomes an impermeable wall between the broken homeland (lower right corner) and the lands of hope in the West (on the left).










In the New Lands, 31″ x 14″, wool, silk, linen, 2016. (cotton lining, velcro)
… when the new home is reached … so many hopes …






Innocence Lost, 24″ x 16″, wool, linen, 2016. (cotton lining, velcro)
… and the children: their lost lives, identity, innocence,  …



Peace? “Peace is not absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it. “- Mahatma Gandhi
20″ x 30″, wool, , linen, 2017. (cotton lining, velcro)

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